Do you do any styling events?

Yes! We've hosted modest styling workshops in London, and also ran workshop projects with other organisations. We took a short break to rebrand and launch this site, but we're back with our next workshop on 4 May 2019. If you want to be kept in the loop, please join the mailing list.

Can we collaborate?

Please email info@setapartstyle.co.uk

How can I support what you're doing?

Thank you for your love towards Set Apart Style. You can get involved by sharing our content, getting involved with this site and praying for us. If you would like to support in any other way, please contact us!

How can I use your photos?
I ask that you link back to my blog post with credit in the copy if you are a non-profit or another blogger. If you are a for profit business or company, please inquire about rates before using any of our photographs.

Where do you shop for modest clothes?

From all over. I don't have one particular place I shop but I do mix and match. Check out my videos for more style ideas and where I shop for items too.

Do you sell any clothes?

I do now! I recently launched an online store to support my YouTube channel. It isn't currently hosted on this site, but you're more than welcome to visit and see my merchandise. My first collection is called 'Fully Known, Deeply Loved' You can access it here.

Do you offer personal styling/shopping services?

Not at the moment. I took a break from it but may be back one day. We shall see. For now, I share all my tips and styling hacks online. For exclusive style content, join the mailing list too!

Can I book you for an event please?

For all booking enquires please email info@setapartstyle.co.uk

More questions will be answered through my blog.