• Nash Amber

10 Ways to Style Black Skinny Jeans

I’ve been asked for more style inspo for smart casual looks for the winter so here you have it.

10 Ways I Style Black Skinny Jeans

Black is very slimming when it comes to clothes, so as a slim woman I tend to stay away from wearing all black unless I have some colour somewhere else. I must prefer colour anyway - as you can see from my posts. However an all black look restyled with some other classic pieces helps me to create multiple outfits!

99.9% of the items in this video are old. Except for the new loafers, I got them in the sale over the weekend! But the rest...classic pieces I’ve invested in over the years that literally are timeless for me. If you’ve followed my style journey for some time, you may spot some of the items I’ve repeated.

Styling isn’t about always buying new items and being on trend. Trends are fun and lovely but it can be a pretty expensive life to live, especially when you’re saving up for big goals, running a business, investing in courses to grow etc.

For this season of my life with the various projects I have going on. Restyling my wardrobe helps me to stay on track of my other goals. I want to win with my looks but more importantly I want to win in other areas too, and sacrifices have to be made. Who knows what I’m talking about? 🙋🏾‍♀️

The Basics You Need

If you're interested in building a capsule wardrobe and want to recreate any of these looks, here are the basics you need to restyle 10 or more looks yourself!

1) Black Polo Neck Jumper - here

2) Black Skinny Jeans - here and here

3) Cute Loafers - here

4) Over the knee boots - here and here

Options to Add on Top

1) Waterfall Jacket - here

2) Burgundy Coat - here

3) Faux Fur Gillet - here

4) Poncho - here

5) Leather jacket - here

If you don't wear trousers, don't worry, you can easily recreate these looks with a midi pencil skirt. For the winter I would suggest a high-waist leather skirt.

Have a watch and let me know what’s your favourite look?

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