• Nash Amber

Being Congolese, Fashion and Christ

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

From time to time, I answer some commonly asked questions on Faith, Fros and Fashion. Today's question is:

Does being Congolese play a part with the fabulous fashion sense?

Haha! I’ve never been asked this before, but I 100% believe it does. If I wasn’t Congolese, I would probably be boring with my clothes, lol. I’m joking, but those who are familiar, know that Congolese people are typically very colourful. We sure do love our fashion!

I’ve grown up around it all. I’ve seen and even worn some very creative and interesting (to say the least) outfits, so it’s all definitely shaped me. I was young and had little to no say. I thank God for the beautiful culture I’ve experienced being Congolese, I actually love it. However, my personal style has evolved over the years.

When I came to Christ everything changed for me, especially how I saw fashion. Fashion and style is heavily woven into the Congolese culture and it was a huge idol for me. I placed my identity and worth in how I looked, compared myself to others, always wanted the latest items and never wanted to wear what others wore. Then I met Christ for real, past the whole 'just going to church with my family', and He changed me.

It wasn’t overnight, but over time, truth cut my heart. I was shown that I idolised fashion, but there was a much better way to present myself. In something that’s timeless and never goes out of style – Christ Himself. I know it might sound strange and a bit "deep", like, how do you ‘wear Christ?!’ There isn’t enough time right now to share it all, but feel free to check out my vlogs on YouTube to unpack this. Just remember Christ is timeless and never goes out of style.

With love,

Nash Amber

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