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Suited Up | International Women’s Day 2019

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Happy International Women’s Day! I’m so grateful and honoured to be a woman. One of the topics I obsessed over early on in my walk was the topic of biblical womanhood.

It’s not spoken about as much nowadays but man those those teachings! Those lessons! 😩Convicted the world out of me! Over the years they’ve stayed with me. I’ve forgotten some lessons here and there, but being married now, brings a lot of them back. Lol.

I used to feel like being a woman was less than, and submission for me was not something I wanted to hear about. I had the wrong idea. I thought submission meant I become a doormat. But God showed me submission through His eyes and not the lens I was wearing. I had believed so many lies about this world and about God. But through the gospel and discipleship I’ve been shaped by His love, corrected by His word and truly grown in my appreciation of being a women.

I’m meek but bold. The weaker vessel but strong in love. Submitted but not abused. I’m no longer offended by the biblical descriptions and examples of women in the bible. I truly admire my big sisters and mamas in the faith. Because of bold and courageous women of old, much has changed in our cultures and in the earth. But His original intent for the woman has not. I benefit today from so many of those changes in the earth - being able to work, drive, speak aloud and so many other things. So it’s not all bad.

I’m just so grateful that I can be me in Him. Gentle, caring, strong, full of emotions and beauty, but all brought under His lordship and leadership. I’m a woman who has been through much, has been forgiven much, has been healed by love and given power. My life was purchased by the life of Christ and I’m honoured to do life with Him. Today is an awesome day! I love being a Woman and I celebrate being one everyday. Not from a stance of ’girls run the world‘ or ‘men are trash’ etc etc. I celebrate and honour men for being men. We 100% need men to be men and us women not to be afraid to be just that...women.

Being a woman is an honour and aspiring to be a godly one is a challenge, but something I always strive towards. I know God has graced me and equipped me to be an honest, wise and powerful woman with strength and dignity. He has made this available for us all through His holy spirit and word of truth.

I say all this because I think that it’s 100% possible to celebrate being a woman on a day like this without having to bash the men in our lives. The fathers, husbands, brothers, cousins, sons, bosses we know and have.

Thank you beautiful Women

As a working woman I’m so grateful for the women in history who have been used to pave the way for me today. Both Christian and non Christian. I may not learn godly principals from all of them, but I learn good work ethics, how to focus, how to be bold and consistent.

Over the years I’ve learnt different lessons from various awesome women. Such as: Mary the mother of Jesus, Deborah, Queen Esther, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Rosa Parks, Princess Diana, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, Priscilla Shirer, Elizabeth Elliot and the many beautiful women I know personally. In different ways they've inspired me and been used as examples and encouragements to me. Especially in my career.

Growing in my Career

I’m genuinely so happy with my 9-5 and all I can do is thank God and smile!I currently work in Marketing and I love it! I’m in my dream career path, growing through the challenges but excelling and enjoying every bit of my process (my colleagues are the best)!

I know so many people who dislike their 9-5 and almost use their side hustles as ‘the way out’. That used to be me too, until this new season, so I truly respect that people may be there and know the feeling. I’ve been in jobs before that I really disliked. Well maybe not the job, but everything around it just wasn’t it. But I’ve pushed through. I’ve left jobs I didn’t like, by faith and got another one. Not straight away always but I have.

I’ve had such a journey with my career and work overall. The longest I can remember not working when I was actively seeking employment was around 9 months to a year. That time off really knocked my confidence. I had 10 interviews in that year and didn’t get a single one. I got through to final stages but didn’t get picked. I did question if it was me, 'is it because I’m a women? Is it because I’m a black woman with my lovely Afro puff?' or maybe it’s nothing to do with that and it’s just I didn’t fit those roles.

In that time, each ‘no’ knocked my faith, because I believed and prayed and did all the good things we do. I asked the questions ‘God where are you? What have I done?’ Etc etc. I took it so personal. Yet I learnt valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have if I was working. I learnt the gift of rest! lol. I also learnt that who I am is not a barrier but the very reason opportunities will and do open up. I'm an answer to someones problem, as a strong, black, educated and christian woman. After that period and season God really did open doors and I’m so grateful! My character was even more refined after every ‘no’, and also through the many tears. I grew to really know who I am without a job and what skills I possess to bring to the table.

All I wanted was to be ‘in purpose’ and earn an honest living doing it. So I know le struggle with the whole career journey and thinking about days like this and maybe not feeling amazing about yourself. To be where I am now...is a dream come true. A true blessing! My faith is built. So if you’re where I've been and today isn’t a #HappyWomansDay2019. Hang in there. Don’t stop giving God your burdens. Don’t loose courage. Keep pushing! I have my desired job for this season but I wouldn’t have it had I quit.

If you love your job too, celebrate it! Stay at home Mama’s this totally includes you! Let’s encourage some people we know that it’s so possible to be in a job you like and love, serving God with your 9-5 too! My job isn’t perfect but it’s a good place to grow. I’m that girl who looks forward to Monday mornings.

Getting into Marketing

Lately I’ve had a few similar questions regarding getting into Marketing so I thought I’d share my tips here as it may help you too. I found the role I’m in now through an agency. I was searching for Marketing roles in my area and applied for various roles in various industries.

One of the biggest things I’ve found with working in Marketing (5+ years) is that experience is so important. No matter what area of Marketing you want to enter into, the one key skill to have is good communication. Understanding how to communicate messages to different stakeholders, using different channels and talking about your experience in your interview.

But how do you get experience if no-one will give you a chance? You create it.

Before my first job in Marketing for a company I was already doing it with my fellowship, my own blog, friends businesses and beyond. So practice with the opportunities you have around you and add them to your CV as legitimate experience that compliments your theory and knowledge from your studies.

It sets you apart from other candidates also trying to get their foot in the door. Help a friend who is doing music, coaching, selling hair, selling books. Market for them. Use it as testing ground to perfect your craft. Don’t do it halfheartedly but do it as though it's the paid job you’re looking for. The passion you give to your friends brand is the passion you will show in your interview. The experience will help you to show how you took a vision/idea/concept from point A and moved it to point B using X marketing skills and ideas.

Your skill doesn’t have to start on a big platform or with a big brand. It starts right where you are. Those skills are transferable. What you do with one brand can be used for another. I hope this helps as you build the experience you need, using the opportunities already around you.

You can do it girl!

Apply for that job that’s above your pay band, go for that masters, home school your babies, launch that business, pray for that girl, use your spiritual and physical gifts and be bold; courageous; brave. You are an able woman, who is forgiven much and loved much.

Be bold in pursuing His heart. Be bold in confronting the weaknesses you ignored this time last year. Be bold in approaching Him, with your weaknesses. And be open to change so you can become all He created you to be.

Boldness does not come from looking good, being intelligent or holding a high position in this world. It’s also not about having the loudest personality, putting others down to get ahead, or always having a comment on every conversation. Boldness comes from knowing what God has said, believing it, standing on it and holding on regardless of anything else you hear. Boldness is reflecting God.

I know we don’t always get it right. On one extreme, we can over do it by being mean in our approach. On the other extreme, we can become so shy and afraid that it stops us from being obedient and stepping out in faith. We see and admire all these amazing women we celebrate but don’t admire the woman we see in the mirror. Sometimes we don’t want to be bold if it means standing out for Christ. We want to be bold only if we will be applauded or accepted by the masses, but it doesn’t always go that way (cc' Jesus).

When you feel afraid, you can boldly admit your weakness to God. You can approach Him in prayer, and admit that you’re scared or have been unkind to yourself, comparing yourself and doubting His word. He already knows these things about you, but wants to work with you to cleanse you, because He loves you. Be bold enough to declare that you are loved by Him. Be bold in believing that you can trust Him because He never lies.

Here are some scriptures to encourage you to be a bold and godly woman:

"On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul." - Psalms 138:3
"So, if the old way, which has been replaced, was glorious, how much more glorious is the new, which remains forever! Since the new way gives us such confidence, we can be very bold. Because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence." -2 Corinthians 3:11-12
"So let us keep on coming boldly to the throne of grace, so that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." -Hebrews 4:16

You feeling afraid; faint-hearted; fearful doesn’t intimate God. Stay close to Him and give Him your weaknesses and shortcomings as He gives you boldness to stay the course and grow into maturity. You my dear are an awesome woman! I celebrate you.

Happy International Woman’s Day!✨

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