• Nash Amber

Let's Talk Budgeting and Styling!

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Some encouragement for you from an #ExShopperholic who by the grace of God, has turned more disciplined...

You see the pictures but you don’t always know the stories behind them. I’ve recently been learning to manage money a lot better over the last year. As part of that, it’s meant budgeting for different things and being disciplined enough to stick to it. It's so hard, but I’m so blessed that my hubby keeps me accountable and is so supportive! It’s been something I’ve been working on and off for a number of years. I have not always been winning and it’s been so stretching. I've had great months and really bad months where I fell into bad habits. But since doing the journey with my husband, thing's have really changed for me.

I've been learning to really count the cost before committing to things and being more free to say 'no' when I can’t. It’s been hard and annoying too, but it’s something I know I have to do and it's not understood by everyone. I'm no expert when it comes to finances, but I'm definitely learning a lot. Something that's helped me and my husband win has been budgeting. Assigning money to different things and sticking to it. That's the hard part. Actually sticking to the plan, as things do creep up outside of your control. However, for things like buying more clothes to fill my lovely wardrobe, saying 'no' even to myself has been great for my pocket.

This means I can't just go and buy a new outfit for every new or big occasion. I have to get creative and restyle what I already have, even when it feels like I'm short on ideas. When this happens, I just pray and ask God to help me. To help me see what I can't. Until recently, I hadn't actively been shopping for around a year or two. This was a big deal for me. Before this time, the longest I'd gone without shopping was just 6 months.

It wasn't intentional at first, but the more I've been 'adult-ing', the more I've naturally realised that I can't be spending money on clothes like I used to. I wouldn't even think twice about it before, but something changed in my heart and mind. It just didn't make sense anymore, especially when there were more pressing things to use my money on.

A real story of how I work with my clothes:

One of my sisters was celebrating her birthday and the dress code was ‘all white’. I was so excited. I love white, but I didn’t have the budget for a new outfit. I thought to myself, "I’m sure I have something white to wear". Then when I tried to piece items together, it was.not.working. Yes, I still do have wardrobe woes, even as a stylist. Things happen to us all, but it's how we handle them that matters. I had different shades of white and nothing was working out. I even asked if I could wear another colour, as I didn’t want my wardrobe to stop me from celebrating my sister-girl. That’s not a good way to live life. People come before clothes, always. I really wanted to honour her all white dress code, so after several attempts and much frustration, I pulled it off. I styled an off white pencil skirt I had, with this off white blazer and a pure white top inside. It worked so well. I hate stressing out about clothes. I often have to tell myself, "Nash, it’s only fabric". The truth is, I don’t have my dream wardrobe just yet, but I always work with what I have. I make it work for me. Especially as I’m learning to be wiser with money, I can’t spend it all on new clothes.

How about you? How is your spending when it comes to fashion? Do you need to have a talk with Jesus, to help you with it? There is no shame in admitting weaknesses to Him. He already knows about it, and is committed to helping you. But you have to invite Him into that area of your life. It's a voluntary decision you have to make as His Bride. The process may not be enjoyable - one/two years of no shopping was beyond frustrating, but it's been worth it! To have the results we're enjoying today has been so worth it!

Go for it sis, do what you need to do to get yourself accountable and helped. A great resource for you ladies to get started is Beniratio Finances. I love what this lovely lady, Benedicta is doing. She's helping people to get out of debt and stay out of debt too, while still being able to enjoy your life. She is one of my dearest sisters, and truly has a heart and gift in this area. She's worked with me over the years before and I think differently about money, because of the sessions we started long before I got married. You can thank me later!

Win with your style and money.

With love,

Nash Amber

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