• Nash Amber

Why Modest Fashion?

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

From time to time, I'll be answering some commonly asked questions on Faith, Fros and Fashion. Today's question is:

Why Modest Fashion and not just Fashion alone?

There’s so many talented and creative fashion bloggers. Honestly, I see some bloggers and I’m like "wow! I still have so much to learn". The talent is amazing! But when I started learning about being pure for God, I didn’t find many bloggers who showed alternative fashion that I could wear as a Christian.

Modest fashion wasn’t very popular or cool for Christian women 7 years ago and we’re still growing. I remember searching all over the internet and all I found were lots of Muslim blogs and clothing, but they weren't for me. I wanted to explore fashion and faith in Christ.

It really bothered me, that there wasn’t a huge amount of inspiration out there for Christian women. I alway's had a thing for fashion and styling. I wasn't the best, but I was passionate about it - and plus I knew how to dress myself well. lol. So after much thought, I started blogging back in 2011. It was to speak directly to women, who like me, wanted fashion inspirations that were covered yet stylish, with Jesus at the centre!

I knew that I had to be visible in order to connect with these interested women. Those who wanted Jesus and modest fashion. So to make it easier to be found, I went for 'modest fashion blogger', rather than just another 'fashion blogger'.

I wasn’t really sure that anyone would actually read my content! But I did it by faith and obedience. I wouldn't call myself a ‘fashionista’ and I didn’t have the greatest photos. I had a very old camera, a laptop and lots of zeal. In 2011, I launched my first blog ‘presentingnash.com’. I had no idea that there was a whole tribe of women who wanted the same thing as me. Faith and fashion. I really underestimated it to be very honest. Yet here I am, still sharing and loving what God is doing with this vision.

I've watched things grow. I've grown. I've rebranded and so much has changed around me. I'm also now happily married and enjoying my day job as a Marketing professional. I'm so pleased to be back to sharing with you again in this way. If I'm not here, you can catch me on our youtube channel.

Whatever you have in your heart to start, prepare what you can and just start. You may not be amazing in the beginning, but be consistent and it will pay off.

Nash Amber

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