• Nash Amber

Stay Focused

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

The fact that I’m a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I’m a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.’⠀- Elizabeth Elliot

The word of God changes us, when we submit ourselves to it. It challenges the compromise in our hearts and teaches us how to be truly consecrated for Him. Devoted and undistracted. Truly in love with our Bridegroom.

So many things are pulling at us, wanting our attention. Wanting our time and our minds. Our worship. Only with His word can we truly remain steadfast and immovable, no matter what wind or wave comes our way. No matter how enticing the lesser lovers are, it’s only by growing in love with Him that we experience true joy and contentment. I’m reminded of how much God has invited us all to a deeper relationship with Him. To know His heart and become one with it. It’s an invitation that requires a response - this happens on a daily basis.

Let's choose rightly today, as truth convicts our hearts and minds of the areas we clearly need growth. He's fashioned us for Himself. He's reserved us for Himself. He's redeemed us for Himself. All for love.

Outfit details:

Dress - ASOS wiggle dress

Necklace - Charity Shop

Heels - Primark

Clutch - Nine West