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Strands Of Faith - UK Product Review | AD

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I’m super pleased to share this review with you on a brand which has been so good for my hair! Not only mine but my husbands also.

Generally speaking, I don’t believe that hair products actually grow your hair, but some can definitely help you to retain your hair length. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not a product junky at all! I stick to what works, and have a few staple products that I use repeatedly, so to try a brand new hair line was a big deal to me.

Strands of Faith (SOF), is a natural hair brand which was started by a sweet lady called Ameka Coleman. I had been following Ameka for some time on social media, as her hair is so amazing. She has complete hair goals (being at waist length). I always wondered if it was that amazing water in the US?! As it always seemed like ladies in the US and even children had amazing, long and thick hair. Maybe it was just what I had seen from T.V but either way I was so encouraged to come across her Instagram page, and to learn that she’s also a Christian. It was so refreshing to read her encouraging captions about her journey of faith.

Knowing that her hair got to waist length from not starting in a great place in the past really encouraged me. It’s inspired me in my hair journey and I looked at some of her tips and ideas on how to retain my hair length as it kept growing. After following Ameka’s hair journey for a while, she then shared she was going to launch this new hair brand Strands of Faith (SOF)! With her very own recipes on what she currently uses on her own hair! I was like ‘girl I would love to try some of that!’

The longer my hair has grown I’ve had to look at different products to support me in my next journey of length so I was really eager to try this brand. I was in search of new products to add to my hair regime to retain even more length, since I reached my 'bra strap length' goal. Then I had a major set back back in 2017. I found a balding patch in my hair, which was devastating. My hair seemed to be stuck some how and not going past a certain length, so that was when I decided to start looking for new products to add to my hair regime. SOF was on my list but as the brand is in US I wasn’t sure how I would get my hands on the products.

When the opportunity came to collaborate and review the products I was over the moon! Plus I love the emphasis on faith in the brand! I pray for my hair and I prayed about the balding patch and I’ve seen changes and positive growth over the years, so to find another lady who believes in applying our faith to all areas of life, including our hair!! I mean…come on! I was so so pleased for her and the products. Ameka is so about the faith life to the point that she even sends through a mustard seed with each order. Just as further encouragement of what the word says,

‘…if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.’ - Matthew 17:20

Holy Grail Collection

Today I’ll be reviewing the Holy Grail Collection which is one of the signature bundles SOF has. I wanted to use it for a while before actually sharing this review and now that I’ve used it for months, this is the perfect time to speak on how the products have benefited my hair and the retention.

What comes in this collection?

1) 1 x Conditioning Refresher Spray (8 oz)

2) 1 x Moisturising Cream (12 oz)

3) 1 x Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz)

4) 1 x Cleansing Co-Wash (12 oz)

5) 1 x Intense Deep Treatment (8 oz)

6) 1 x Twisting Butter (8 oz) - (I didn't receive this product to review)

Bonus: Free Mustard Seed

Retails at: Usually $100 / £80 approx. but keep reading on to receive a 15% discount on all SOF products!

1) Conditioning Refresher Spray

I used this pretty much daily to refresh my high puffs! It’s been such a great product and my curls love it. I’ve used this on dry hair and it’s refreshed my curls and made my hair super soft, so this has been my go-to product for when my hair dries up. I’m sad that it’s almost finished now as it really changed the game for my puffs, during the week.

For best results can be used on wet or dry hair.

2) Moisturising Cream

I used this cream for detangling in-between washes! You know when you’re not ready to wash your hair but you want to refresh your curls without having to use lots and lots of water? Well this is the product for you! I used this and it really blessed my life and hair. lol

It blessed my life because it gave me some time back. My hair is lovely but it does take time to wash and detangle and all the rest, so when I’ve not had the time or energy, this has been a blessing to use. Especially when I stretched my hair using the thread method. For each section of hair I applied a small amount of the cream, brushed it out and then used the thread. When I unravelled the thread, I found that my hair was soft and well moisturised for longer than when I just use water and coconut oil. So this helped me massively. I still use it now when I’m about to put my hair away for a protective style.

For best results can be used on wet or dry hair.

3) Leave-In Conditioner

After every wash this has been my go to product because;

1) I wanted to use it and see what happens to my hair over time

2) my curls loved it! It kept my hair nice and soft for styling after wash day

3) it made my hair smell amazing and kept my hair manageable after washing

For best results use on wet hair.

4) Cleansing Co-Wash

This is probably the only product I have hardly used from the collection. I’ve used it like 3 times but that’s more a personal choice. I hardly ever co-wash, as co-washing doesn’t really work on my hair. My hair either needs to be washed with shampoo or not. Co-washing hasn’t worked out very well for me in my journey so far, my hair still feels dirty and so I don’t waste too much time on it.

For best results use on wet hair.

5) Intense Deep Treatment

Since receiving this product from SOF, the formula has been changes and improved. There is nothing wrong with the batch I was sent, so I still used it, but my experience may be different to what you may find if you purchase and use. Here is how it went for me anyway...

I used the deep treatment a few times and each time I didn’t personally experience a massive difference from the other treatments I usually do. My hair was nice and soft afterwards and did smell great, but it didn’t become my go-to product like the others did.

I used it sparingly each time I’ve used it and I still have quite a bit left! As my hair is so thick it really does require more product when it comes to deep conditions, so that could be why I didn’t experience the big ‘wow’ factor. I would still recommend it as it didn’t do anything bad or negative to my hair. The texture of it is really nice and thick too, so it’s not runny like other conditioners can be. It makes it so much easier to apply to sections.

For best results use on wet hair.


How long did it take to see a difference on your hair?

I used the products over months and had periods when I didn’t use it at all, and I saw the difference in how my hair strands looked on a day to day basis. It was more dry when I wasn’t using it and just used water again, but I found my hair being better moisturised through the day and lasting for more days when I used two of the products. The two products that worked well for me instantly was the Conditioning Refresher Spray and the Moisturising Cream.

My hair is super thick as I mentioned earlier so when it comes to using products I have to use a lot in order to actually have even distribution. When using the SOF products I found that even when my hair was dry, I could use the Conditioning Refresher Spray without having to detangle or anything!

I definitely saw the instant results as my hair would be moisturised – same goes with the leave-in conditioner. Over time, around 4-5 months I did notice my hair getting thicker overall. Which I do think these products have something to do with. They’ve been a real blessing.

How long did the products last?

I’ve used the products as part of my hair regime and they’re still here over 6 months later. So they’ve lasted around 6-7 months, with me using some of them daily, as I mentioned before. I hate having products that I only use like twice and then it’s finished! Lol. I just stay clear.

What does it smell like?

It smells so so good! Honestly. Even without any coconut oil included, and I love coconut oil in my products. I know some ladies don’t like it at all, so this would be the perfect set to get you started. All the natural ingredients come together so well and each product smelt so good!

It does have a distinct smell, which is hard to describe but it’s a good smell, it smells fresh. I’ve had my husband hug me and be like ‘babe what’s that in your hair? It smells good!’ and even my colleagues at work (who know nothing about natural hair), telling me that my hair smells so good. So that’s always positive!

I’ve even used the products very lightly on days when my hair is due for a wash and I’m not sure if it’s smelling the best it could. I’ve then used the refresher spray and it’s really been good. May not have been clean but it left my hair smelling good and gave me at least a few more days before wash day.


- I noticed that my hair is a lot thicker in general since using the products. Not saying this is the only contributing factor as I have other products in my regime, but I can see a noticeable difference since using the products

- All the products come in a good size so they last longer – I just have thick hair so always need more used

- Each item can be purchased individually too, so you don’t have to get the whole bundle


- As it’s a US brand I knew I couldn’t get it here with ease when the products ran out so I was using it sparingly as I loved it so much and didn’t want it to finish! At one point I caught my husband using my refresher spray daily so had to ‘hide’ it. Haha!

That’s all changing now as SOF is finally in the UK! If you’re in the UK and want more information on where to get it from, please let me know. But for my sisters all around the world, you can get a massive discount of 15% for a limited time with my special code: SETAPARTSTYLE15

Final Thoughts?

I really like this brand, but I wanted to give you an honest and balanced review. I had a very positive experience with the products as you can tell from my feedback. I’m going to keep some of the products in my regime as it’s working well for me, and I don’t like changing products just for the sake of changing. Now it’s in the UK it makes it that bit more accessible but I haven’t purchased from the independent shop yet to share my experience with that.

Have you used SOF or want to try the brand? Let me know below.

With love,

Nash Amber


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