• Nash Amber

What's the #10YearChallenge?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

If you’ve been on any social media platform the last few weeks, you may have seen this hashtag flying around, but what's it all about?

The 10 Year Challenge:

The #10YearsChallenge / #10YearChallenge, which is currently trending online, is a fun way to share the growth/changes you've had over the last ten years. Any one can get involved by simply posting two images side by side and using the hashtag across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The photos have to be taken at least 10 years apart.

I don't know where it started but it's been so much fun to see the growth of people I follow. It's been real inspiring for me, so today I thought I'd share mine too.

So here’s my #10YearChallenge

In some ways I’ve barely changed (same old baby face) and in many other ways I’ve changed massively. Check out my relaxed hair vs natural hair. Talk about growth! Going natural really was a good move for me.

I’ve always loved taking photos and literally have so many pictures. My motto used to be: ‘capture the moment’. Way before Social Media was even a thing. Back when it wasn’t cool to always take photos. I used to bug and annoy my dear friends always asking them to take photos of me. lol. Thanks for sticking it out friends! Who knew in 2019 it would be a real thing to use these images as a blogger?! I’m so glad I kept at it because now I have an archive of memories and plenty of ‘old work' to see my own growth.

This last picture of me in the green and in the yellow jumper...on the left I’m at my school prom aged 16. I went for a bigger year gap - more than 10 years - because I’ve honestly barely changed. 😫 I wanted to show you a photo with some real change and so this was the best I could do.

At my prom I was awarded the ‘Best Dressed Female’. Can you believe it?! Years before I ever thought I’d be blogging or doing anything with fashion. I was so chuffed! I can’t even stress how much that boosted my confidence and left a mark on me from such a young age. I guess it was preparation for now? I’ve always enjoyed styling and have grown with it.

Outfit Deets

For my prom I had a 20 inch weave with a leave out at the front which was curled, with loose curls to the side. My hair was relaxed. I wore an olive green evening dress and some barely there’s from Karen Millan which I kept for so long and only gave away last year! They were still in great condition and I only gave them away because I wanted to.

As a side note, these faux locs are really inspiring me to do this style again. I loved the faux locs look, it's defiantly one of my favourite protective styles for my natural hair.

Ten years ago I was newly saved and just coming to learn more about Jesus and what being born again was all about. I didn't know the bible, didn't know many worship songs, had no thought of modesty or natural hair. So much has changed over the years and as I've looked over my images I've been encouraged by my growth. My steady growth, as I mentioned in my last blog post here.

I love photos and have been taking photos for years, through good and bad seasons. I have a picture of most of it. I really enjoyed this throwback challenge. I hope you can build some lovely memories this year so that by God's grace, in ten years time from now, you'll be able to smile at your own growth too.

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